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History Of Daco Jaw


Daco is one of the largest and oldest jaw manufactures in the USA. Daco was originally the DuPage Jaw Co. from the late 1940's They were purchased by Daco Incorporated and produced jaws in Aurora Ill. Until 1978.

In 1978 Daco was purchased by National Mfg. and moved to Milwaukee to expand and automate the jaw production. In late November 2000 Daco became a part of Vesper corporation. Still today Daco produces quality products, offers overnight deliveries and has a staff of over 50 years of product design and Engineering experience, with Unigraphics Cad Cam to solve your work holding request.

Daco's long-term relationships with the major chuck mfgs. Ensures that the jaws you purchase are the proper fit and tolerance for your high speed turning applications.

Daco produces their products on Multi Axis CNC machines for quality, repeatability and concentricity. Their 80,000 square ft., climate controlled plant ensures that your requirements will be met. Daco can design custom jaws from your machine prints, to fit all machine tool applications. Daco will also design, build and deliver complete chuck and cylinder packages for your CNC machines. Daco is your One Stop Source for all workholding applications

Daco works with two men shops up to fortune 500 companies. With Daco's extensive network of stocking distributors your jaws are probably only minutes away from your facility.



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