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1.5MM x 60' Serrated
Softjaws - Standard ( Kitagawa)
Softjaws - Standard (Warner Swasey-Nikko)
Softjaws - (Howa: HO27M, HO34M, HO37M, HO47M)
Softjaws - Standard(Howa: HO7M, HO15M, HO22M, HO24M)
Softjaws - Standard (Matsumot, Seiki)

3MM x 60' Serrated
Softjaws - (Howa: HO1MA)

1/16" x 90' Serrated
Softjaws - (PBA, Rohm, SMW)
Softjaws - Standard (Auotblok, Erickson, Forkardt, Gamet,Powerhold, Pratt Burned, Rohm, Howa)

Acme Serrated Key Type
Softjaw (Autoblok, Cushman, Logansport, Pratt burnerd, Howa)

American Standard Tongue & Groove
Softjaw (Bergman, Bison, Buck, Cushman, Pratt Burned, Rohm, SCA, S-P, Warner-Swasey, Yuasa)

Metric Tongue & Groove
Softjaw (Forkardt, SMW KNCS Quick-Change)

Square Serrated Key Type
Softjaw (Buck, Gisholt, Pratt Burned, S-P, Warner & Swasey)

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