Have you ever searched for a product, and ended up on a website with no price or add
to cart option? If so, you’re not alone—this is something that causes confusion for
many. You might ask yourself, “why would someone not want to sell their products
online?” or “why would a website advertise products it does not sell?” The answer can
be found in the difference between manufacturers and distributors.
The distinction between the two is quite simple: one party makes the products
(manufacturer), while the other focuses on the selling of those products
(distributor) and placing them in the buyer’s hands. The two work together to support,
strategize, and expand sales.


The role of the manufacturer is getting the final product to customers, but in order to do
so, the product must first be sent to its distributors. The job of the manufacturer is to
turn raw materials into finished products. The finished product is then delivered to a
variety of distributors, usually based out of brick-and-mortar or online stores, to be sold
to consumers. When you find yourself on a manufacturer’s website, you typically will not
see prices or “Add to Cart” options because the manufacturer does not sell the products
itself—they are solely the producers of the final product for sale. Please contact our
team to locate your nearest distributor.


Distributors come in different forms, and it is likely that you have interacted with a few in
your purchasing history. Locations typically include brick-and-mortar locations, online
shops, retailers, and wholesalers—such places are where customers can browse priced
products and purchase as needed. Again, on a distributor’s website, you will find listed
prices, “Add to Cart” options, and prompts to purchase in bulk or smaller quantities.

The Manufacturer You Can Trust

We are proud to be a quality, leading manufacturer of American-made chuck jaws and
accessories. For over 70 years, our team of engineers continue to produce premier
workholding products for our distributors. When you visit our website, we encourage you
to browse our wide selection of inventory. If you have any questions regarding our
products, or how to find the Daco Jaw distributor that is best for your—please contact
our team.