When Accuracy Matters: The Grip and Bite That Won’t Let Go

70 Years in the Making

When was the last time you worked on something for 70 years? It’s a rare claim to make, yet our team is proud of what we have become seven decades later. While our core mission and values have remained the same, Daco Jaw has evolved and grown with the times, including its industry advancements, the efficiency of our customer support—and of course, our brand.

Just as industries evolve, so does visual communication. Read on to learn how Daco Jaw evolved its communication on matters of improved accuracy, precision, and production of quality chuck jaws to become the company you know and rely on for all of your custom workholding needs.

From Bulldog to Shark Fin

We are proud of our roots—in fact, take a look at this:


A drawing of a dog

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This bulldog illustration marks the first visual identifier of Daco Jaw. It’s a representation of our tagline—the grip and bite that won’t let go—captured best by the rugged tenacity of the strong-jowled grip onto the dog bone. While our team held a strong grip on our values, this graphic served as only a starting point as it demonstrated our mission to provide strong, quality chuck jaws. 

As our company and expertise grew, as well as the need for an increased digital presence, Daco Jaw realized the necessity for a modern icon that could speak to its newfound level of professionalism.

The shark fin icon introduces sharp accuracy; and precision, accuracy, and quality remain at the forefront of everything we do. With the added benefit of a highly-skilled team of engineers to craft your custom workholding needs; bold, sharp precision is what makes Daco Jaw stand out from the rest—and that is what sparked our transformation. 

From our original Bulldog logo to our newly-introduced Shark Fin icon, Daco Jaw and our new shark fin still represents—the grip and bite that won’t let go.

What’s the Difference?

With the accessibility to today’s technology, you may say, “I could go anywhere for my next workholding project.” You’re right—you could, but don’t risk putting the outcome of your project in the hands of companies who have yet to build like Daco Jaw. The difference is accuracy. Daco Jaw puts accuracy at the forefront of all that we make and do. Even when calling in, you can expect our experts to know exactly what part(s) you need for your project. Our customers recognize our transformation through quick answers from our experts and service that leads them to the parts they need with no wait times. Additionally, our customers continue to experience the benefits as we have grown into a leader in the custom chuck jaw and machining industry.

When Accuracy Matters

If you want to discover what it feels like to have experts take over your project and guide you to the solution you have been searching for, then get started with Daco Jaw today. Every single machined part from Daco Jaw is reviewed and tested, which allows each customer to receive the part they need, when they need it. 

To us, accuracy always matters, and our customer’s projects always come first. But as precise as our shark fin, we are precisely certain that the 70+ years of industry experience backing our business is something your next workholding order needs. Connect with us today and discover the difference Daco Jaw can make for your business.